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Anusandhan – National centre for Budget analysis, Governance & Disadvantaged People

Anusandhan – means to connect. The centre aims to budget analysis, governance and the ‘disadvantaged’ people of India. The ‘disadvantaged’ covers the poor, women, children, dalits, tribals, minorities, other backward communities and the handicapped. Occupation-wise, it includes the semi-skilled and unskilled labourers like agricultural labourers, construction workers, casual mine workers, forest labourers, daily wage-earners, artisans, self-employed workers, NREGA workers, other daily wage earners, and the poor in general.

There are quite a few institutions which analyse the policies, laws and public finance, but we found that people’s perception in their analysis is missing; besides there has been little focus on the disadvantaged sections of the country in their analysis.

The emphasis of this national centre would be on linking public policies and public finance to the present conditions of the disadvantaged people. It proposes to study the effects of the changes (if any), in these policies, programmes, allocation and spending of government finance on the people. The specific target of the centre would be to study the impact on these disadvantaged populations. It proposes to interact primarily with the government and its decision-making mechanism, and to suggest the changes in governance leading to betterment of their lives.

The centre will analyze national budget from the disadvantaged people’s point of view. It will study the bills presented in the parliament and will prepare its comments, make the law-makers and the public aware of the presented bills and will seek changes, if necessary in those bills. It would study the impact and implementation of existing government programmes.

The centre will carry out surveys, organize seminars and symposia, and organize training programmes. It will publish a news-letter in English and other prominent languages in order to spread and share its views and findings.

To begin with, it would rework the budget on gender--justice, tribals, dalits and minorities, since public finance is very important to the development of these communities.

The proposed national centre will be located at Gandhinagar, the state capital of Gujarat, and will operate from there.

The centre will be run by the Disha Trust of Gujarat. The Managing Director of the centre has a good experience of analyzing the national and state budgets and has done a pioneering work in this field.

Anusandhan's Address

Anusandhan – National centre for Budget analysis, Governance and Disadvantaged People

Bunglow No. 573/1, Sector No. 8,
Gandhinagar – 382 008 (Gujarat)
Telefax: 079-23247133

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