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“Aranya” represents tribal people in all its glory, simplicity and being one with nature. 'Aranya' - forest in a literal meaning is the heart of this brand developed by DISHA, working for tribal development since 1985 with a vision to carve out an identity for tribal people of Gujarat with a self sustaining model of livelihood by promoting their indigenous creativity and skills.

Tribal community of Gujarat is unique in every aspect of life. They are bold and brave when challenged but shy and mellow when praised. Aranya is an extension of this uniqueness and their oneness with nature. This community express their joy, sorrows, loss and love through art and music. Everything about them is reflected in their wall painting, wood carving, jewellery, clothes, clay pottery, beadwork, embroidery which is so rare and pure that it demands special attention. 'Aranya is a step towards preserving the rare art and crafts practices of tribal community and provide insight into their world through their products.

Arnaya is based on capitalizing the traditional arts and crafts skills of tribal artisans and promoting the uniqueness of their culture in products that are marketable and provide secured income to the economically poor. Disha will facilitate the process of developing of 'sustainable model' by ensuring that marginalized tribal artisans themselves are the producers, owners, shareholders and managers of 'Aranya'.

Aranya is ambitious in its vision and will have two distinct product lines that will be focused separately for national and international markets. The reason behind this is, national market has different color/fabric/style choices, lifestyle needs and caters to the segment that may/may not provide sustainable model. The main reason is, there are many established competitors, and cheap fakes are always available, mindsets towards craft products is also rigid in domestic market (people would like to see but not purchase/wear it). This has affected many NGOs working in craft sector currently and in the process of withdrawal due to no saleability. Domestic/national market can cater to the specific clientele mainly at the metro cities and in limited edition. International brand will have separate products, exclusively marketed for high end clientele and will generate higher return, if showcased at ‘right’ places. This will also provide greater visibility for 'Arnya ' as well ‘art ‘ itself- The one objective of making the ‘rare’ art reach to people. 'Aranya will have four units working in collaboration with each other.

  • Process and operation unit
  • Design development unit
  • Production unit
  • Marketing and promotion unit- with online sale as option.

Each unit will have an elected committee to run the unit and an external subject expert who will act as an advisory member. Disha will facilitate, oversee and provide technical assistance, training and logistic support at every stage and to all units.