Be a partner in Social Change

By making a one-off donation you can help transform whole tribal communities and be a partner in social change. With over 25 years’ experience, we work closely with community members and Panchayat to ensure that our projects address local needs and are grounded in the local context; ensuring that your donation has the greatest impact. By being a partner in social change, together we can create a long-term resource base to improve the social and economic conditions among tribal farmers.In return for your donation, DISHA will send you a final report outlining how your contribution has impacted the chosen community andcan also facilitate field visits if any donor like to. Donate Rs 50,000 (835 US$) to 1lakh (1670 US$) once and become the member of Disha community.

You can support to following issues:

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Water Harvesting

There are a variety of activities that support communities with water harvesting, by being a partner in change you can support the recharging of 10 wells (Rs 15,000) (250 US$) building 10 farm ponds (Rs 50,000) (835 US$) or community check dams (Rs 75,000) (1250 US$).

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Micro Credit

Give donation from Rs2000 (35 US$) to 5000 (85 US$) to farramers to bring them out of debt circle. This short tem loan is given tribal family for agriculture support I.E to buy seed, fertiliser, diesel, ( Minimum support for 10 farmers is appreciated (850 US$))

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Gift of Knowledge

Education is the foundation on which individuals can gain the knowledge and skills to change their lives. By being a partner for change, you can support the building of a library (Rs1 lakh) (1670 US$) or a computer lab (Rs2.5kh) (4170 US$); or sponsor a tribal girl through her education (Rs12,000 (200 US$) per year).

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Support an Event

Give solidarity to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in September, Eklavya Day in November, International Women’s Day in March, and Labour Day in May. You can support one of these gatherings and join in should you so with.The cost of each event is approximately Rs 20,000 (335 US$)

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You will get tax relief on Donation as per setion 80G of the IncomeTax Act.

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