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Child Protection

  • Child Protection Committees and Children’s Groups are formed in all 160 villages to address any issues related to children’s rights and acts as watchdogs of child rights.
  • Around 1234 children were helped out of child labour.
  • 10 villages are made child labour free by passing resolution at Gramsabha.
  • Total 4841 boys and 4220 girls in Children’s Group are selected and oriented on child rights and protection rights.
  • 143 Government officials were provided training & awareness programmes.
  • 1179 adolescents including 120 boys and 1059 girls in the age group of 15-18 are trained in life skills related to child labour risks. 635 children took part in master training.
  • During the year 218 children completed birth registration with the help of the organization.
  • 1060 migrant children are protected from child protection risks, helped out and out of it, children were repatriated to their home communities
  • 2740 adolescents received vocational training

Inclusive Education

  • Total 1465 children were enrolled in Aanganwadi centre during the academic year.
  • Total 1179 adolescents received vocational and life skill training.
  • 850 parents and 683 parents of migrant children were oriented on the benefits of education.
  • Parents have been sensitized on the role of education in enabling long-term life opportunities and as a result 218 parents took action against child labour.

Women Empowerment

  • During the year 227 SHGs were strengthened, 10 new SHGs were formed and women from BPL families were linked to SHGs.
  • 607 women’s income is enhanced from Savings and Credit.
  • 364 women were given leadership training.
  • 5324 women out of total 8697 received job under NREGA.
  • 2734 BPL families received job card under NREGA.
  • 1066 individuals received the benefit of social security schemes.
  • 20 Farmers’ Associations were sensitized on child rights, child labour, total 13 Farmers’ Associations took positive action and 215 farmers took pledge that they will not employ children in their farms.

Preventive Health

  • Total 4512 individuals were covered in training for women and adolescents on preventive health care. Adolescent girls- 2114, Women-2138, males-260
  • Total no of villages where health safety campaigns completed is 206 and 4 Health camps have been conducted with total 580 beneficiaries.