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    68000 forestland cultivators have received 1.25-lakh
    hectare forestland and 32647 families have received
    forestland entitlements through forest land support program.
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    185 workers made permanent with Goventment forest
    department received 2.0 crore arias and 5 workers who
    died his families are getting pension of 5500 per month.
    342 workers who were working as causal labourer were
    appointed in Class-III category as bit guard are getting
    salary above 18000 per month through Forest Workers
    Association. Increase daily wages of forest workers from
    Rs 13.10 to Rs 202.40 benefited 18000 forest workers.
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    Crucial role played by Construction Workers support program
    in the creation of the Gujarat Welfare Board for Construction
    Workers. Due wages of Rs 16.70 crore were paid by
    goventment through presesure NREGA workers support program.
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    Multipurpose identification cards issued by the
    government to 37 lakhs agricultural workers.
    Wages of agriculture workers increased from
    Rs 15 to Rs134 benefitting 57 lakhs Agriculture
    workers in Gujarat.
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    Increased piece rate for tendu leaf collectors from
    Rs 5 to Rs 80 benefited 1-lakh women tendu leaves
    collectors. Government resource of 4.35 crore
    mobilized under different schemes. Rs 5.9 crore
    were contributed by Community in different
    programs of DISHA indirectly in one decade.
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    Educationl support program has touched and
    positively impacted upon the lives of 37913
    children from marginalised community

Our Achievements

` 230’734’16

During year 2012, with the help of our interventions we were able to mobilize benefits for the community on government schemes.


  Earlier water was available for 2 seasons but after MGNREGA Act, irrigation wells were made & now we get water round the year.   

Chaturbhai Babhor Phulbari, Dahod


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A total 573964 people have become members of different association of DISHA.


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There are a variety of activities that support communities with water harvesting, by being a partner in change you can support the.....


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DISHA invites likeminded companies to join us in our mission to empower marginalised communities and improve the socioeconomic conditions of some of our society’s poorest. There are a variety of issues you can support including.....


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Reducing exploitation & enhancing economic condition of agriculture labourers by protecting their rights & educating them on benefits.

Budget Analysis

Anu sandhan – means to connect. The centre aims to budget analysis, governance and the ‘disadvantaged’ people of India.....


Seeks to provide leadership to
all child rights activities - Child Protection, Inclusive Education,
and Women Empowerment.


Addressing issues of forest land cultivators and strengthening them to fight against injustice.


We help from association to free people from the vicious cycle of exploitation & sensitize people on labour laws so they can collectively protect their rights.


Reducing exploitation & enhancing economic condition of agriculture labourers by protecting their rights & educating them on benefits.


Addresses work related issues
and resolving problems for the development and welfare
of NREGA workers.


Water for irrigation is therefore an important priority for the tribal community, & Disha has worked intensively on the issue for the past decade.


Federation of marginalized women workers to raise and resolve their socio-economic issues through interventions.


To mobilize the youth on non-party, pro-poor development activities and seeks to build bridges.

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