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Empowered with the mission to alter the power relation in favour of the poor DISHA has been working for the Rights of Tribals in the northern eastern tribal belt of Gujarat since 1985. In the last two decades Disha spearheaded lasting and sustaining changes to improve the quality of life among the tribals and other marginalized community in Gujarat. The forest land entitlement and right to livelihood of forest dwelling community through enactment of FRA-2007 and MGNREGA was a major milestone of DISHA. Increasing the Minimum-wage and demand for social security among millions of unorganized workers is a major milestone of Disha’s workers’ Association.

During the journey Disha has founded and supported 79 Community Based Organizations, five workers associations and one peoples’ organization. Disha has completed 25 years of solidarity and successes in land rights entitlements enjoyed by the tribal community in Gujarat. These years were marked with the achievement of significant milestones, learning and strategic shifts in approach.

In 2012, a re-visit of the core Mission and Objectives of the organization was undertaken owing to a host of macro and macro level changes that significantly influence the lives and livelihoods of tribals in Gujarat. This re-visit was facilitated through several consultative meetings and workshops with community and associates in the last two years.

As an outcome of these consultations, Disha has identified three broad issues that it will focus on in the years to come –   Land,   Water & Agriculture and   Food security; which would be the flagship themes for our Associations and Community Based Organisations. The Issues like Education, Health, Wages would be taken by CBOs with support of Disha.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all donor organizations, several individual donors for the financial support and their solidarity with the work and Mission of Disha & its Associations.

Manchu Bhai Gavit

Managing Trustee