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DISHA has started Women support program, with the objective to promote and sustain the Leadership of Women for their inclusive growth and development.

Women support program consists of women members who are engaged in subsistence agriculture and minor forest produce as their major sources of income. However, due to historical denial of access to the formal banking system, competitive marketplace and techno-managerial support to run enterprises, the women are unable to even dream of consistent economic growth.


  • Agriculture
  • Forest
  • Construction

The women are always denied their rights, whether on daily wage basis or share-cropping. Besides, they are subjected to physical abuse and harassment and sometimes forcibly evicted out of village after harvest, without being paid their wages. No compensation is paid against injuries or death, while working.

Collecting minor forest produce is one of the only sources of income for the tribal women.. Women work hard, long, labourous hours spanning 8 to 9 hours per day. However, their employment in the forest is not regularized in spite of working for many years and their status has remained casual, thus having no regularization and social security.

The migrant tribal women workers are the most vulnerable and exploited. They live in cities in deplorable conditions without proper accommodation, basic facilities, and subject to harressment by contractor and others.

Women support program believes that inclusion of women in the decision-making processes at household, community and in governance, is the first, pre-requisite towards women’s empowerment. Women have a major role in the development of any community. While men may build roads, women teach children to walk. Women’s empowerment is a stepping stone to achieve the objective of sustainable socio- economic development of any region.

Women's support program objective is to facilitate and promote empowerment of women to co-create sustainable solutions for growth and development. Shabari promotes women’s socio ecomonic and political rights by enhancing their knowledge and skills including their Rights, entitlements, government programmes, schemes, negotiation, leadership, micro enterprise management, etc. The skill training and attitude building is sustained by forming the self help groups/ Mandals which creates opportunities for women to network, share and plan new programmes, initiatives and income generation projects. Over 38128 women in forest, agriculture,construction, MGNREGA sector have been trained, and 6 Mahila Mandals formed.


How you can

  • Support event
  • Write about their stories / issue
  • Be a volunteer with Women support program
  • Raise resources for Women support program
  • Engage in partnership to co-create sustainable solutions for the challenges of economic growth and empowerment of the women.