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Disha – a social action group is actively engaged In working with youth, their issues and concerns in Gujarat – Issues related to Unemployment, Education, Skill Building, Training, Leadership etc. Disha is working on lines of non-party, pro-poor development activities by creating a comprehensive programme for the youth, revolving around the issues of the village and the region.

Youth Support Program – a sangathan of village youth with educated unemployed youth and youth from the marginalized communities including tribals, dalits and the religious minority as the primary members of the sangathan has been formed as a fulcrum of initiatives for such activities.

Youth Support Program, formed in 2002, to arrest and mitigate damaging impact of the polarization of the State, seeks to build bridges among the youth of various communities, castes, classes and cultures of the region. A major concern of the youth being livelihood/food security, the organization creates and strengthens bridges between emerging livelihood opportunities in the region/state, and provide opportunities to the youth through key strategies of skill building, life skills education, market linkages and so on.